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To maybe start of some discussion...
by Curtis R. Mullings (golugranu)
at August 7th, 2008 (02:05 pm)

In order to hopefully start up some discussion, I figured I'd post a question for the group:

What problems do CRs in the Southwestern area face that might differ from those in other areas/environments.

For example, here in Arizona, the seasons don't precisely match up with the traditional Celtic calendar.

Any thoughts?


Posted by: Curtis R. Mullings (golugranu)
Posted at: October 20th, 2008 03:12 pm (UTC)

Yes. It seems to me that that is one of the biggest problems facing a great many Reconstructionists, and not just those of the Celtic persuasion. Most of the old Indo-European pagan religions were 'tribal' (if that's the right word) in nature, so to be alone or even in a small group and practicing such a religion is very difficult.

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